Marketing & Advertising


Back when I was in University, I volunteered at The Hunger Project Mexico, an organisation committed to end hunger and poverty by pioneering sustainable, grassroots, women-centered strategies and advocating for their widespread adoption around the world.

I was part of the media department for six months. One of the projects I worked on involved producing graphic material (e.g. calendar, invites, banners) for their Municipality School for Social Development.


Social media became a great tool for the Embassy to deliver key messages to stakeholders, especially when they were delivered in creative ways.

From Australian innovations and trade to education and human rights, I got to design a variety of infographics for the Embassy’s social media profiles. This material has been shared with other Posts in Latin America and has also been used to promote Australia during meetings and events.


The Embassy hosted a roundtable discussion on women’s role in the agriculture industry, along with Mexico’s Ministry of Agriculture. Four women, one Australian and three Mexicans, shared the experiences and challenges and challenges they face in their professions.

My idea for the invite design was to portray a woman feeling empowered while facing her challenges. Since the event was going to create inspiring environment, I want to send a powerful message to people with a simple image.