Environmental Design


Embassies were invited to be part of Locos por el Arte (Crazy for the Art) football exhibition to commemorate the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. The exhibition of giant footballs first took place Mexico City’s most iconic avenue: Paseo de la Reforma. Later on, the exhibition was sent to Moscow to be part of the football celebration, having more than 5 million visitors.

My design of Australia’s football was based on everything I’ve learned about the country. I wanted to take this opportunity to show people that Australia is not just about kangaroos, beaches and sports. It is also about multiculturalism, innovation, indigenous culture and nature. This was a collaboration with Mexican artist JIMVLAD who painted my design on the football.


Since 2018, the Mexico City Government has organised the International Fair of Friendly Cultures. All Embassies are invited to participate to promote their own countries’ cultures.

My purpose in this Fair was to design a stand where people could learn about different aspects of Australia and experience the Aussie lifestyle.

The first design was based on the Australian glamping, creating a tent with the view of Uluru. The idea was for people to learn about Australia’s outback and indigenous heritage. We also had props like hats, lanterns, stuffed koalas and binoculars for people to take a photo like they were camping.

The second design was based on Australia’s cultural capital, Melbourne. This time we recreated Hosier Lane to promote Australia’s great talent in the creative industries. We also had a glass wall, where people could do their own graffitties.

The stands were both built by Mexican company Vinter.